Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What If You Had Your Own PTC? How Would You Manage It?...

      I have been seeing a lot of opinions around: “this PTC might be a scam because it pays to much”, or “this PTC is a scam because it asks us to invest”, or “this PTC is a scam because it doesn’t use PayPal” and so on.

      We know there are at least three factors that can influence the well-being of a PTC site:

  1. Management – definitely the most important. A good management will sustain the evolution of a PTC program, while, a bad one can ruin it. The hardness of this task depends on the Administrator’s intentions – he may want to run a good business and keep his members happy, or he wants to make some quick dollars by cheating on people involved in the program.
  2. Members – especially new PTCs rely on its member’s reviews. Let’s say we have a good PTC, with an honest Admin, but a few members are presenting his program as scam (and for a stupid reason – ex: Admin didn’t answer to their support ticket in time). The other members will start having second thoughts, especially the ones that didn’t get paid yet. Plus, this will decrease the chances of getting new subscribers (that are so important for the sustainability of the site).
  3. External Factors – I have recently witnessed a situation when a paying PTC turned overnight into scam (even if I wouldn’t use the word “scam” here, but this is how everybody called it) because PayPal blocked all Admin’s accounts and he couldn’t pay his members.
      These are, in my opinion, the most important conditions that have to be accomplished for having a PTC with a good functionality.

      Now, what would you do, if you would have your own PTC?
      What do you expect from a PTC as a member and as owner?
      What would you do to keep your members happy?
      Would you offer any other options for earning money?
      How would you attract investors, or what other sources of income can you attract to your program, to be able to pay your members and make some money for yourself as well?

      Feel free to post any opinion you may have.


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