Monday, 30 January 2012

5 Paid To Click (PTC) Myths

      For the last 10 years, at least, PTC programs conquered the first positions in GPT (Get Paid To) Tops, among other options of making money on-line, like: get paid to take surveys, read emails, subscribe and so on. 
      While more and more people were continuously looking for easy ways of earning money and work from home, PTC was offered the optimum conditions of evolving and becoming a phenomenon.  
      As it was expected, over time, Myths started to appear.
      We will analyze a few of them here.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Use Scam PTC Sites in Your Advantage and Earn More Money

      Paid To Click programs?... A very appealing idea when it comes to earning money on-line, right? 
      Here is one of the the most popular scenarios, at least for newbies: 
      You know very little about PTC and you find this website promising you "up to $0.20 per click". You subscribe and start clicking. You notice soon after that you don't get paid that amount per click all the times, the withdrawal  fees are very high, the minimum payout is high as well and so on. You decide it's time to promote your referral link and build up your down-line to start earning faster (this is called "smart earning"). After a lot of hard work, you eventually find a few referrals and, a while after, you reach the minimum payout and ask for cash. You wait for days, weeks, but nothing happens. You notice then that no member has been paid for ages. Well, at this point you can say you have just experienced a "scam".