Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How can Profit-List.com market your program?

I came across this website earlier and I have checked some of its features.

It is an online business directory.

Nothing new, you may say, but I'm telling you, it is far more than that. And, if you use it right, it can bring you long term benefits.

First of all, you get a back-link  from them, if you submit your website or blog.
Second, they accept article submissions and they allow one inbound link for free members. Here is where you can use a referral link, if you wish.
Third, they will promote your website, blog or article on their social media channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn etc. (still for free).
Fourth, you will get social media signals, which are great for SEO.
Fifth, they have a Facebook business group, that allows you to promote your program, but keep in mind to post good quality content, or they will cancel your membership.
Sixth, they have a lot a free staff to offer to their members - free marketing campaigns, tools, training and so on.
Seventh, they are concentrating on promoting online businesses, so they can drive a lot of quality traffic to your website.

Just have a look!

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