Friday, 27 January 2012

Use Scam PTC Sites in Your Advantage and Earn More Money

      Paid To Click programs?... A very appealing idea when it comes to earning money on-line, right? 
      Here is one of the the most popular scenarios, at least for newbies: 
      You know very little about PTC and you find this website promising you "up to $0.20 per click". You subscribe and start clicking. You notice soon after that you don't get paid that amount per click all the times, the withdrawal  fees are very high, the minimum payout is high as well and so on. You decide it's time to promote your referral link and build up your down-line to start earning faster (this is called "smart earning"). After a lot of hard work, you eventually find a few referrals and, a while after, you reach the minimum payout and ask for cash. You wait for days, weeks, but nothing happens. You notice then that no member has been paid for ages. Well, at this point you can say you have just experienced a "scam".

      Sounds familiar? Probably. But I don't think I'm wrong when I say it happened to all of us.
     Well, what do you do next? You have two options: 
1. You quit;
2. You try again with another program, but this time you do your homework and check what other members are saying about the website, Admin, payments etc.
      Regardless of the choice you make, there's one thing you will do for sure - advising  everybody to stay away from scams, to run away from them and, most important, not to pay for any of their services. Am I right? I know I am :).
      I have a List of Active PTC Scams on my website, but it is there just as information my visitors can use for their benefit. 
      OK, now... What if I'm telling you that I do subscribe to scam PTCs. Actually I am member of more scams than legit sites. Crazy, right?!
      And what if I tell you that I pay to those websites more than I pay to legit ones?
Don't call the doctor, yet. I feel fine :).

      What is the logic behind this? 
      To understand what I am about to tell you, we have to analyse the problems we have and how we can deal with them.
      Let's say you are now a member of a good, legit site that pays in time, has loads of happy members, a very nice Admin, good prices for upgrade, lots of ads every day, good communication and so on.  Members here are not assumed to want to leave very soon, as they feel good here (they trust the admin and his system and they do get paid). But there's still a small problem - it pays very little per click, even after you invest in upgrades ($0.005-0.01). You will, obviously, still need a lot of referrals make some money in a short time.
      What about the previous site that you have been member of? The one "paying" $0.20 per click, with high minimum payout and enormous withdrawal  fees. The one that hadn't paid anybody for ages. How do you think its members feel like?
      That's right, they are very nervous, unhappy and they can't wait to migrate towards a legit program, that can offer them that feeling of security and respect.
      So, on one side we have the legit site with a lot of happy members members, where you could use a few referrals and, on the other side, the unhappy, nervous members, looking for an opportunity.
      All we have to do now is contacting and convincing them.
      And how do we do this? By paying for Paid To Click campaigns? NO WAY!!!
      We will contact the Admin, offering him $3-10 for a message (in inbox) to all his 10,000 - 15,000 members. We will ask him to actually send a "mass email" to all his members in your behalf. Of course, you will compose the message and you will include your referral link.
      Most of Administrators will be more than happy to do this for you - they will earn $3-10 in less than 1 minute. This is very good and, for sure, better than nothing.
      Depending on the program you promote, you can expect a rate of response close to 1%.

      This is what happened when I sent a message to 4,500 members on one of these websites. I paid $3.00 for this:
      As you can see, I made the money back the very same day.
      TIPS: Look for new scams, that still have quality members to be contacted.
      You can also find several free of charge ways to build your down-line, if you read the PTC Tutorial on my website.

      Thank you for reading and I hope this will help you in your activity.
      I would really appreciate your feed-back :).



  1. Nice strategy! Your idea is ery nice. Where can i see your Sacma list? Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. So, you found it :). You can search for any scam list, not necessarily the one on my website.
      Do not pay more than $5.00 per every 10000 messages, if you want to try this strategy. Just tell Admin this is your budget and you will use his services again if you have good results.
      Thanks for your comments.