Monday, 30 January 2012

5 Paid To Click (PTC) Myths

      For the last 10 years, at least, PTC programs conquered the first positions in GPT (Get Paid To) Tops, among other options of making money on-line, like: get paid to take surveys, read emails, subscribe and so on. 
      While more and more people were continuously looking for easy ways of earning money and work from home, PTC was offered the optimum conditions of evolving and becoming a phenomenon.  
      As it was expected, over time, Myths started to appear.
      We will analyze a few of them here.

1.     If you have more referrals than others, you will make more money than them.
      Well, theoretically it is true. In practice, you will notice it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of your down-line.
      And let me give you a real example. I neglected my referral list for a while, for one of the programs I am member of. Look what happened:

      Right! I have 60 referrals in my down-line, but none of them was active for at least a month (today is 30th January 2012). So, I’m asking you now – who makes more money: me, having 60 inactive people under, or you with 10 active members?

2.     Referral exchange is a great way of building your down-line.
      Referral exchange means that you subscribe under somebody to one of his programs and he will subscribe under you to one of yours.
     This is not a way to get referrals (at least not enough). How many programs can you subscribe to? 10, maybe 20? 
      OK, so you will have 20 referrals that will do their job for a while, but in the mean time you will have to click every day on their ads. After a few weeks, they will stop clicking (this is what usually happens). You won’t be able to find other people to exchange with, for those programs, as you are already a member.
      Referral exchange may work just fine for a while but it is not such a great way of building a down-line. It also generates a lot of head aches and disputes on forums. If you already tried it, you know what I’m talking about.

3.     Sites paying more than $0.01-0.02/add view are scams.
      And why is that?! Their explanation is the amount of money the program pays a member per click  cannot be greater than the advertiser pays for that click. 
      So, for example, if the advertiser buys 100 add views for $1.00, the PTC site should pay its members a maximum of $0.01/click for those ads. If they say they pay more (ex. $0.02), it means the website is a scam, because the amount paid to members would exceed the income. Right?
      NO!... IT’S WRONG!!!
      The amount paid to members won’t exceed the income, as the website has other sources of income as well: memberships, banner views, text ads, ad sense, ads viewed by non-members, ads viewed by members that quit before reaching the payout (and they are quite many), messages sent to all members, payout fees, donations and so on.
      Do not listen to all those “gurus” out there, pretending they know everything, after clicking a few ads.

4.     Subscribe to as many PTCs as possible and you will earn more money and faster.
      Subscribe to more than one – yes. Subscribe to as many as possible – no!
      You will notice that, if you subscribe to more than 15-20, it will be very hard to keep up with all of them (if you want to earn from all of them).
      What I personally do is keeping a few (less than ten) for income and a few more to harvest referrals for the first ones.
      You have to have a plan anytime you subscribe to a program (“I will use this to cahh out from it” or “I will use this to promote other programs”).
      Anyway, subscribing to as many PTCs as possible is not a good idea, in my opinion. It’s just a waste of time.

5.     Anybody can make easy money with PTC sites.
      Statistics show something else – less than 10%, from the PTC sites members, ever cashed out any money. It means it is not that simple, even if it sounds so. This activity still requires some skills, time, hard work and, most of all, intuition and ingeniousness. That is why, probably, we are not all doctors, engineers, politicians etc.

      Overall, the PTC world is an exciting one. Wining or losing depends only on the choices you make.
      I hope you enjoyed reading my article and found interesting things in it.
      Don’t hesitate to post your comment – even if you have to criticize me :).



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