Saturday, 4 February 2012

PTC – The Funniest Moments

      Welcome to one of the most controversialist realms of the World Wide Web… the Paid To Click territory. 
      The population here is at war!
      “At war with who?” you may ask. “With each other”, I’m telling you, “and some of them with themselves”. The reason for this war is “the Absolute Truth” or “The Light”, in search of which they went. 
      Some found the way, while the others still grope in the dark. These second ones, blinded by the fury of not reaching their goal, started to gossip and rebel against the system. 
      But if you get over their weaknesses and try to see who they really are,  you will discover the funniest world brought to existence. 
      I assure you that the following facts and goings-on are 100% genuine and they may be too hilarious for some of you. So… read with caution!

      As any other community, PTC evolved as a nation on several layers.
      Starting from bottom to top, we will find:

1. The Suicidal (or, we can call him Sisyphus as well) – he is the poorest member of this society. He wasn’t blessed with luck, nor with brain. He is the one that promotes his program inside the same program, to people that are already members and expects results. 
      And I have the proof. In the next image, you can see how this guy promotes on website, to members. 

       I almost can see him checking every five minutes if anybody subscribed under him.
      And there are hundreds like him.

2. The Fisherman  - that has a “serious business in ponds" (bigpondsbux).
And there was a good question somebody asked about this: “Do the ducks come with it?”

3. The Saint – this is the living proof God exists (He sent him a sign). Hear him out:
“I tried to log in a new PTC which I joined yesterday and got the message that I needed to click on the activation email. Eh? I already clicked ads yesterday, but I clicked on the activation anyway. Then, tried to log in again and the CAPCHA spelt ‘SCAM’, I took the hint!”

4. The Mathematician – who had "415 Members, 2 New Today, 1,152 Online" (Clix-Pay). This is after the Saint prayed for him, too (It’s a miracle!).

5. The Charity Man – he will help you "boost your earnings by renting our active bots and reffs" (BuxTender). All you have to do is… invest.

6. The Slave Master – that speaks loud and clear: "we can pay whatever we want, including nothing" (OneDolarPTC - Terms)

7. The Jew – his business is growing and he evolved from barter (trading goods or services without the exchange of money) to “paying in real money" (Buxfobia).

8. The Doctor – encouraging a patient that is kept alive by machines: "We are doing a routine maintenance on our servers, so the system may become idle for a period of time. Thank you for your understanding." (OnBux)

9. The Fireman“The only way to contact us is sending an email to” (SuperScamBux – Terms).

10. The Mayor – talking about pensions during credit crunch period: "Payouts must be 1000+ years old to request pay. All proof of age must be posted on the Patriot-Group forum in the appropriate place. If no proof of age is posted we will mark it paid yet will not pay it. If post proof, we than have 1000 years to pay you provided you live that long. New updated proof of age must be submitted yearly to verify you still alive. All documents must be in English and must submit official government website for where live showing example of proof documents. All documents must be in size 32 font so I can read it. Even than chances us being alive is slim I already had a stroke. You should therefore view this as an AD ONLY SITE." (ptc-investigation-ptc).

      I hope you enjoyed reading my article and find the information amusing.
      Don’t forget to post your comments.


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